Blessed Ramadan

Blessed Ramadan; A message from Mom's Building Bridges

Moms Building Bridges is pleased to offer you and your congregants yard signs wishing our Muslim neighbors a “Blessed Ramadan.”    Click on:

The following was provided by Kathy McBane with Moms Building Bridges.

This year Ramadan begins Tuesday, May 15th and lasts until June 14th. It is the holiest season in Islam, marked by daily fasting, good deeds and frequent prayer.

Saying “Blessed Ramadan” to a Muslim is like saying “Merry Christmas” to Christians, “Happy Chanukah” to Jews or “Happy Diwali” to Hindus. It is a greeting and a sign of respect. The yard signs have an additional power. They express welcome and inclusivity. It’s also a way to say “I’d like to get to know you. Maybe we could grab a cup of coffee together. After Ramadan, of course!”

Further, on 10/3/2017, Mayor Steve Chirico proclaimed Naperville as a Community of Unity and Acceptance.

The signs are free. We are accepting donations to help cover costs, however. On our GoFundMe Page, we suggest a $10 donation for individuals. To congregations, the suggested donation is $4 per sign which is the actual cost. The donation is completely voluntary.

The original idea and design for the signs came from the Minnesota Council of Churches in 2016. Artwork is available free online to anyone. We downloaded it and printed the signs.

We are suggesting placement at private residences, businesses and houses of worship. Churches, in particular, are encouraged to plant signs because of their powerful witness to Jesus’ teachings of welcoming the stranger and to love our neighbors as ourselves. We can arrange privately to deliver bulk sign requests.

God willing, this will be an annual campaign and will grow stronger with each passing year.

Thank you for your prayerful consideration of this community-building campaign and grassroots effort.

Kathy McBane
Moms Building Bridges